PUMA Faas Lab - BioRide Technology Featuring Rocker, Flex, and Groove

It has been scientifically proven the world over: Jamaicans are fast. We've spent the last decade studying what makes this possible. Is it their well-rounded diet of Trelawney yams? Is it because they balance their daily training with victory dance practice? After much time spent with our Jamaican athletes, we found the answer was rather simple. Jamaicans take a simple approach to running. Their routine includes grass tracks and up-hill sprints rather than Alter-G treadmills and speed parachutes. They thrive in natural environments and remind the world that running is nothing more than a desire to be faster and to enjoy the freedom of finding one's natural rhythm. We kept this in mind as we developed our Faas running shoes. We used a 'less is more' approach by removing the bells, whistles, and traditional running shoe reinforcements and replacing them with a new lightweight system called BioRide. This technology has 3 integrated parts -- Rocker, Flex, and Groove -- that work together to create a more natural running rhythm. Faas running shoes are fast as fast can be, lightweight and come with everything you need for running, and nothing more. It's our approach to natural running: Whether training or racing, Faas lets you find your natural rhythm so you can find that natural runner's high. More information:

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  • Publicado em: 16 de junho de 2011