Who's the Best Number 1 Ever?

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After much debate on the Facebook Wall this week about who’s the best Number 1 in the World, we’ve been busy discussing the merits of some of the world’s greatest - and most colourful goalkeepers.  

We all know that every successful team needs a great a goalkeeper. Somebody who is brave enough to step up to the plate and cope with being a hero one moment and a zero the next. A special somebody who can be called upon at the drop of a hat (or cross) to perform heroically and save the day.

Yashin, Banks, Schmeichel, Buffon and Casillas are near the top of most people's list of goalkeeping greats. These giants (literally) of the beautiful game spent their careers at the world's top clubs and have packed trophy cabinets to prove it. They also achieved international glory with their national teams.

But on the other hand who can forget the game's more flamboyant keepers in Jorge Campos, José Luis Chilavert and René Higuita. All were not only showman, but expert goalkeepers and goal-scorers in their own right.

Whilst, some goalkeepers can be classed as stalwarts of the game who play into their 40s, such as Peter Shilton, David Seaman and John Burridge – and we can't talk about goalkeepers without a mention of Jimmy Glass - who can forget the goal he scored to saved Carlisle from the brink of relegation?

So we want to know, who’s the best goalkeeper ever?