Meet Angela, The Newest Face of PUMA Training

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Introducing: PUMA Trainer Angela Parker - Certified Trainer and Founder of Body Inspired Fitness

We're excited to announce the latest addition to PUMA's roster of trainers! California girl Angela Parker is a triple threat: certified trainer (she founded LA's Body Inspired Fitness boot camps), author, and TV personality (did you catch her on MTV's Chelsea Settles last summer?). A few things you should know about her:

Signature quote: "Nothing changes if you're comfortable."

On how to start a workout routine: "You have to put on the gear and show up."

On nutrition: "If it doesn't come that way, don't eat it."

Favorite music to work out to: "Things that are dancey and pop-y for cardio. I like things that are super alternative and a little bit more mid-range for strength training. And if I’m having a really hard time getting inspired, nothing beats putting a new album you’ve never listened to on your iPod and just going for a walk.

On workout gear: "I want to feel cute in my workout clothes. The cuter my workout gear is, the harder I’m going to work out."

When she's not working out: "I'm a total foodie. I love going to restaurants, I love trying new food, I love wine."

Charity close to her heart: "I’ve done a significant amount of work with the boys and girls club of Venice, California."