How To Help Land Animals, Too

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Learn About: Global Warming

Photograph by Frank Lukasseck, Getty

Global warming can sound scary, but there are many ways that we can help prevent it from getting worse! Global warming is a process caused by human activity. It causes ice to melt at the Earth's South and North Poles, ocean levels to rise, and water temperatures to increase-making it difficult for some of my sea friends to survive.

The Sun is important for everyone on land and in the sea, but too much sun creates too much heat, which isn't good for anyone. Because of global warming, the Earth is warmer than ever. Much of this warmth comes from gases released by cars and power plants. The gases trap the Sun's heat in the Earth's atmosphere, and the trapped heat warms the land and ocean.

These trapped gases endanger land animals by changing their environments. The air becomes too warm, and their food and water becomes more scarce. When this happens, they have to move, but it's not easy for these animals to migrate and find new places to live. Furthermore, many of their trees are being destroyed. Trees are important to land animals because they release much needed oxygen into the air. When trees are cut down, the air gets warmer and creates an unhealthy habitat for animals.

Marmo’s Tip: Save power! Turn off your lights, computer, and TV when you leave a room. Also, things as simple as not wasting paper and remembering to recycle can help save the trees that create oxygen for our planet. If you can think of other ways to save power in your home, I’d love to hear your tips!