Beast Mid Camo

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Tokyo street style meets the great outdoors in this camo’d kick

Somewhere out there, there’s a yeti in hiding. Why is it hiding? Because it encountered the Beast Mid Camo.

This shoe has that effect on people. And non-people. Fierceness is in its nature. We made it that way. We took the iconic PUMA Slipstream Beast - with its wild material play and monstrous rep among Tokyo's streets- and gave it an overhaul with premium materials, quality construction, workwear design cues, and the all new PUMA Camo. This graphic is inspired by military camouflage: it takes influences from those blocky geometric patterns then mixes them with animal prints similar to the original Beast. Leather trims, a color-popped collar, and a grip-and-spackled outsole (a simple yet strong nod to the great and burly outdoors) add smooth touches to this rugged bloke. 

And if that yeti could have boots to quake in, we’d bet our tailthat he’d like to quake in these.