Sobre o Clyde

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When is a name more than a name? When that name is Clyde.

In 1973, basketball great Walt 'Clyde' Frazier made a name for himself, times two. Known for skillfully stealing the ball from his opponents, he earned the nickname 'Clyde' -a reference to infamous crime duo Bonnie and Clyde. And when he went looking for a custom-made pair of Suedes, PUMA reconfigured the original, made it lighter and wider, and stamped his moniker on the side in gold-and the PUMA Clyde was born. Clyde famously wore his Clydes with alternating colors and Formstrips and pop culture quickly took note. The shoe went on to star in break-dancing films, perfect its skateboard ollie, and prove that suede sneakers look superb with fedoras and thick sideburns. And that, friends, is more than a name. That's the stuff of sneaker legend.