15 Minutes with Nico Rosberg

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Fifteen minutes is a luxury of time in the Formula One world but for us, it was enough to catch up with MERCEDES AMG PETRONAS team driver Nico Rosberg.

PUMA: How are you feeling about the season so far?
Nico Rosberg: We have made a step forward compared to last season. I won the race in China, was second in Monaco and Michael was on the podium in Valencia. If somebody would have told me this six months ago, I would have been happy with it. But now I hope we can continue to improve and take the next step forward, because other teams are quicker than us right now.

P: Can you take us back to your win in Shanghai? What was going on in your mind at that time?
NR: That was a very special moment in my life. To celebrate with my team and with Ross in China was great. Also, afterwards with my friends and family members, that was again very nice. It was an experience that I will always keep in my mind and your first win is always special. But I want to have it again, that’s the problem! So I hope I can repeat it very soon.

P: What do you think of the Motorsport scene in Asia?
NR: It’s growing very fast. Like everything in Asia, it’s also nice that we are racing there more and more. F1 has a big fan base over there. That’s amazing for us drivers.

P: What do you think of the new evoSPEED F1 Mid Mercedes Race Boot?
NR: It’s very nice, because it derives from our racing boot.

P: How has the PUMA Mercedes MAMGP gear helped you in training and at the races?
NR: We are very fortunate to have PUMA as one of our team partners. The racing gear is state of the art and also the sports gear is perfect for the fitness training I have to do. I use it very often.

P: What do you wear when you’re not racing? When you’re training?
I like the PUMA lifestyle shoes very much, and I always wear them at the circuits. They are cool and very comfortable.

P: How do you spend your down time, in between races?
I spend time with my family and friends. Sometimes we’re all together in the kitchen and cook something together. My time with my friends is very rare as our schedules are so busy so I always looking forward to the kitchen parties with them.

P: If you were not a Formula One Driver, what career would you have taken?
That’s difficult. I had the chance to study aerodynamics in England so maybe something like that.

P: Who has influenced you the most in your career?
NR: My father Keke. I learned a lot from him when we spent a lot of time at karting events in Italy and France when I was young. That was a cool time of my life and I really enjoyed it. And I'm deeply impressed by my father. He came with nothing to Germany, he learnt the language and became a world champion. That makes me feel proud of him.

P: What advice can you give to kids who aspire to get into race car driving?
I think they need to be able to make compromises. You will spend a lot of weekends without your family and friends to follow your goals.