Mr. Invincible

If Gaël Clichy could be a professional in another sport, he says he would love to be Usain Bolt because he is such a talent and entertainer. Clichy's style is more low key, but his motivation (he trains hard to be the best and give his best for his team and fans) and his speed (a pair of quick feet that have yet to slow down) give Bolt a run for his medals... From winning two English titles and three domestic cups to representing France at every level, Clichy has enjoyed fantastic success in his career. The electrifying left back from Toulouse signed with Arsenal in 2003, at the age of 18. He debuted for the club on the 28th of October, alongside Cesc Fàbregas. This was also the season when the squad was nicknamed the "Invincibles" with an undefeated record and a league championship, making Clichy the youngest player at the time to win a Premiership medal. In 2011 Clichy signed with Manchester City where he quickly found his place in the starting line-up. Clichy´s first season with the club ended in a sweet win against QPR, a win which also secured the second Premiership title for the quick-footed Frenchman.


Gaël’s Vitals

Nacionalidade: Ico-frFrança
Date of Birth: 26 de julho de 1985
Cidade natal: Toulouse

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Notable Performance

Was elected to the PFA´s Team of the Year, 2007 - 2008

Trophy Case

  • English Premier League

    2003 - 2004, 2011 - 2012
  • The FA Cup

  • The FA Community Shield

    2004, 2012