Learn More About Yuvi

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Learn more about Yuvraj ’36-over’ Singh, or ‘Yuvi’ as we know him... also known as Mr. Cricket Extraordinaire

And these are a few of his favourite things
• His favourite car: BMW M5
• His favourite food: Moms cooking
• His favourite position (on-field of course;-)): Point
• His favourite song: Any MJ Songs
• His favourite pair of socks:
• His favourite sportsperson: Sachin Tendulkar and Roger Federer
• His favourite eco-friendly ride (e.g. Own two feet, Cycle, Segway, Trikke, Prius):
• His favourite piercing spot: Don’t wanna take the pain
• His favourite alphabet: Y
• His favorite Social media site - Twitter
• His favourite Woman cricketer: Mithali Raj
• His favourite actor: Shahrukh Khan and Kajol
• His favourite vacation spot: New York and Queens Towm, New Zealand
• His favourite drink : Lassi
• Have a question for Yuvi, email us @pumacricket@puma.com and we’ll have ‘em answered for you

Height: 6,2
Weight: 85 Kgs
Body shape: Athletic
Favourite score (# of phone #’s scored in a night): 169- that’s my highest score in test matches