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In an age of fast everything - fast food, fast bookings, even Usain Bolt - the audience for the game of cricket is fast depleting. An obsession with the game of T20 cricket has led us on a path towards absolute cricketainment. Is it that we have forgotten why we loved the game? When every wicket, every boundary and quick runs weren't the only thing that mattered? What happened to the game that let us live every second and bite every nail?

Well, the ICC as it turns out played a masterstroke - the U-19 World Cup. The championship between the youth from 16 countries - ranging from top dog's Australia & India to underdog's Nepal & even Papa New Guinea - has showcased some rare talent. But the point that makes it a masterstroke is the game itself! With the high margins of victory, some stunning fielding and brilliant bowling, the game is the perfect solution for this fast tracked generation.

While the minnows at the cup might have been at the receiving end of these large victories, they too get a chance to showcase their skills and more importantly, represent their countries with pride. With nothing much to lose for these countries, no game is ever taken for granted. This ensures some amazing contests and talent at display.

The competition in the past has churned out players the likes of Yuvraj Singh, Virat Kohli, David Warner, Hashim Amla, Wayne Parnell, Alistair Cook and many more. With all this and more in store for the viewers, this stepping-stone to an international career seems like the perfect blend of both cricket and entertainment. So what are you waiting for? Watch this tournament and find your love for the game again.